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  1. Administrative Order No. AOSC22-90, In Re:  Emergency Request to Extend Time Periods Under All Florida Rules of Procedure for Flagler, and Volusia Counties in the Seventh Judicial Circuit
  2. Administrative Order No. AOSC22-91, In Re:  Emergency Request to Extend Time Periods Under All Florida Rules of Procedure for Putnam, and St. Johns Counties in the Seventh Judicial Circuit

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Re: Extradition Information on Warrants / Capiases

Ref: CR-2017-017-VL

WHEREAS, it has been made known to the undersigned that the inclusion of extradition information on warrants and capiases is necessary in order for the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office to properly carry out its assigned duties;

NOW THEREFORE, I, TERENCE R. PERKINS, Chief Judge of the Seventh Judicial Circuit of Florida, hereby order that warrants and capiases issued by Circuit and County Court Judges of the Seventh Judicial Circuit, Volusia County, be clearly marked with appropriate extradition information.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that in the absence of clearly marked extradition information, the Volusia County Sheriff’s office may presume that the following applicable default provisions apply to warrants and/or capiases issued:

  • Felony release on recognizance (ROR) warrants and/or capiases have “Florida Only – FCIC” applicability.
  • All other felony warrants and/or capiases have “Nationwide – NCIC” applicability.
  • First-degree misdemeanor warrants and/or capiases have “Volusia and Surrounding Counties” applicability.  For purposes of this Order, “Surrounding Counties” is defined as the counties of Brevard, Flagler, Lake, Marion, Orange, Putnam, Seminole and St. Johns.
  • Second-degree misdemeanor and ordinance violation warrants and/or capiases have “Volusia Only” applicability.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the above referenced default provisions will apply only in cases when warrants and/or capiases do not contain clearly marked extradition information.  Said default provisions may be overridden by the issuing judge.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that absent the appearance of an expiration date on the face of a misdemeanor warrant and/or capias, said warrant and/or capias will automatically expire two years after its issuance.

TO BE RECORDED in Volusia County, Florida.

DONE AND ORDERED in Daytona Beach, Volusia County, Florida this 30th day of June 2017.

/s/ Terence R. Perkins
Terence R. Perkins
Chief Judge

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